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We are looking for thesis students to work within the following areas:

Software Testing & Quality

Investigate how to apply modern automatic testing framework into existing systems developed in different technologies. The purpose is to measure and ensure quality in systems that are already developed and present them in a coherent way. Technical areas that you are very likely to work with are TestNG, Junit, Nunit, Sonar, Selenium, Mockito.

Data Integration (for Legacy Systems)

Examine how to enable system to system integration and make it available to non-technical people? The idea is to investigate if one can write a printer driver that interprets the output from the ERP system and could automatically interpret and transfer these to the host system as EDI.

Other areas with scope for thesis work include:

  • Geographical transport planning/optimization with the help of maps
  • Mobile-applications and communication (Android)
  • Flexible Business Intelligence and Reporting



Internship Stories

“During the spring of 2013, we conducted our master’s thesis on real-time visualization in information dashboards at Surikat. Surikat gave us a lot of freedom to explore in directions suitable for our education and interests, while providing the support necessary to achieve results interesting in an industrial context.  We worked on the thesis in Surikat’s office and attended their social activities which was pleasant and contributed to a good working environment.”

Vincent Andersson & Martin Hesslund

Master in Software Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology

A great team to join


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