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At Surikat, we are passionate about helping our customers enhance their current systems and optimize business value. We have extensive experience in systems design and architecture and in creating solutions for complex business needs.

Our experience extends to more than a decade of working with some of the largest international transportation and logistics companies. With a strong understanding of complex multi-modal transportation needs and the changing demands in the transportation and logistics industry, we are able to offer solutions which allow seamless integration of critical business processes.




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Customized Solutions

Surikat takes satisfaction in creating innovative solutions that support and optimize our customers’ business processes. Our co-workers are driven by the challenge and possibilities of success that are created for our customers with the help of internet-based communication and mobile technology.

Tender Management Project

A client contacted us with a request for IT support which is capable of managing extensive offerings to their major customers. There were specific requirements as to how the process should look like with the creation of Radars (Potential clients / projects), RFI’s (Request for Information) and RFQ’s (Request for Quotation). The end-result was a web-based quotation management system which helps to document, facilitate the management of, and ensure the quality of extensive quotation works.

Booking System

We worked with one of the major TV channels in Sweden to create a web-based reservation system for advertisements. The request was to have the display of the advertisements harmonized with the launch of the products of our client’s customer according to specific timetables. A part of the challenge was to integrate the changes with our client’s current system and to optimize the complex planning system over time. The system today supports differentiated viewing of advertisements across different stations.

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Mobile Applications

Achieve a complete and robust transport communications with your mobile devices

Many logistics companies today face the challenge of being able to effectively monitor their transportation mobile devices. Disruptions stemming from the sudden loss of network and the exhaustion of battery in the mobile phones could hinder communication and response from the driver. These problems could, however, be avoided with proactive planning and by building specific functionality in the mobile devices to trigger events according to client requirements.

Envisage the following scenarios:

1. What if a network connection loss in the mobile phone could trigger the automatic sending of an SMS to notify the control tower of the issue?

2. What if the driver can be duly notified of the need to charge the mobile phone when the battery level has decreased to only 5 percent?

3. What if you could trigger automatic reminders to drivers who fail to confirm orders within a specified time?

There are many other possible scenarios which could arise and we aim to help companies take a proactive approach in managing their mobile communications during transportation.

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Maintenance and Support

Surikat values long-term relationships with our clients and aims to build systems and solutions with a long life cycle. To ensure the continuous functionality and ease of use of the systems, we offer maintenance and support according to our customers’ requests and needs.

Preventive maintenance

Proactively analyzes, and when required, modifies the software to detect and correct latent faults in the software before they become faults.

Corrective maintenance

Modifies the software after delivery to correct discovered problems. This is in order to restore the system to satisfactory operation levels within the shortest time possible.

Adaptive maintenance

Seeks to keep the software usable in a changing IT-working environment.

Perfective maintenance

Seeks to improve the operation of the Software in order to enhance performance, maintainability or usability.

Decontaminating maintenance

Analyzes, and as required, removes components, code, and data in the software that are no longer used or needed. This is done to streamline the effectiveness of the Software.

Support is offered according to the agreed scope with our clients and categorized according to different response times.

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