Lynx Mobility


Lynx Mobility makes it possible for drivers to manage orders, generate electronic signatures and handle claims with the use of a standard smartphone. Its prompt tracking and notification mechanisms along with its sophisticated electronic documentation enhance visibility of routes and optimize resource utilization.

The user-friendly mobile application helps drivers to manage, and update the collection and delivery of orders with ease. Using the scheduling function, drivers are informed of the work sequence planned for the trip and the activities which are to be executed at each stop. Businesses can now send Proof-of-Delivery (POD) faster and initiate invoices earlier as document administration is simplified with the use of electronic POD and electronic signatures.

Besides capturing real-time information on the field, Lynx Mobility monitors the progress of and deviations of vehicles. In the occurrence of unexpected events, information is sent immediately to the control tower.





  • Manage orders, scheduling and trips on the fly to enable a flexible supply chain
  • Capture Proof-of-Deliveries (PODs) on the field with a Sign-On-Screen
  • Use electronic waybills (e-CMR) to eliminate manual paper handling
  • Capture claim information directly by documenting and photographing damages
  • Complete fleet visualization and management
  • Measure pick-up and delivery information by generating Key Performance Indicators
  • Position tracking and Point of Interest (POI) management
  • Enhance security with close monitoring of transportation and geofencing
  • Offline functionality – full capabilities for drivers even when network connection is lost
  • Independent of specific ERP / TMS system  due to flexible system integration


  • Faster call to action which leads to enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Increased back-office productivity
  • Short implementation cycles
  • Limited capital binding and risks
  • No specialised hardware required that drives cost
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