Lynx Document Management System


My Document Scan is a complete and flexible global service for scanning, storage and interpretation of business critical documents.

My Document Scan facilitates updates such as invoicing status to financial systems, creates event and status updates for logistics systems, and makes available electronic proof of delivery (ePOD). Not only will you enhance your control of critical business documents, you will be able to do so with ease.


  • Intelligent interpretation of documents where automatic document type recognition and data extraction is done via scanning of barcodes, text areas or check boxes
  • Intuitive document management system which creates ease of searching and viewing documents by  the document reference or date range
  • Sophisticated reporting system with the possibility to customize reports
  • Enhanced process control & traceability with unique IDs and controlled access to functions
  • Many channels for input such as via the web service FTP, email and fax


  • Simplified global document processes
  • Greater control of critical business documents
  • Minimum investments with quick start-up
  • Easy integration with other business systems
  • Customized set-ups
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